Friday, December 26, 2008

SD appears on again The Word Nerds

Wordnerdsfeedart Small"Under the Stairs" recently appeared on The Word Nerds podcast, #111. Thanks for the play! This song has appeared on The Word Nerds 3x now (also Episode 81 and 99).

Morphing, Changing, and Dying Words (111) at The Word Nerds:

Music bumper from “Under the Stairs” by Sonic Deviant. (33:43)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

SD's "Frosty," jazzy style

Frosty-SnowmanMerry Christmas, everyone! I recently purchased a Line 6 Pod Studio GX, so being in the Christmas spirit, I went ahead and pulled down my jazz fakebook yesterday and gave this classic a go to try out the Line 6 unit (I've had a few problems with it in the connectivity department, but it sounds awesome otherwise).

Everything was recorded through the GX using Pod Farm and into Logic. The guitar I used was my Epiphone Performer SE acoustic (all through the pickup); it has two pickups, and one is in the neck so I can get a neat, jazzy sound. For the fretless bass, I used my fretless guitar and then just dropped it down an octave...can't believe how much it sounds like an acoustic bass! The drums are Beta Monkey's Jazz Essentials.


Frosty The Snowman.mp3

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shane's "Silent Night" appears in animated feature

Sonic Deviant's instrumental recording of "Silent Night" recently appeared on "Seasoned Greetings," a short holiday film animated by Tyson Moore.

GameBored » Blog Archive » Seasons Greetings:
The photography was taken at my parent’s cabin in Colorado and most of the editing was done in Houston, Texas. The notion of this pyramid movie is to fade the comparisons between the holidays of the winter solstice: Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, Duali, Kwanza, and most importantly - Oshnaqua. Send the link to all your friends.

Show notes: Tyson Moore:

ICEHOUSE game pieces by andrew looney / looney labs -

The song “Silent Night” performed by Sonic Deviant -

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Break It To Dolt Gently

Img 0198

Sonic Deviant previews a mainstream rocker that will appear on his next (currently untitled) album.

Check out: Break It To Dolt Gently