Monday, November 30, 2009

Holy Hand Grenade Appears on PiratesWeek

Shane's new video and podcast music project known as GShane scored a play of the rock instrumental Holy Hand Grenade (of Antioch) on PiratesWeek. Shane has appeared before on this podcast back in 2006 and 2007.

Neat because this podcast is played on several pirate broadcasts across the country!

[From PiratesWeek 11/29/09 | PiratesWeek Podcast]

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Project: Christmas Party Presentation Music

A friend of mine, Norman Bates (no, not really...I can't back that up), is using his visual art talents to create a digital presentation of photographs, featuring our fellow Air Force squadron members to be displayed at the upcoming annual Christmas party. He asked me to put together four songs that would be used as backing music and take up about 20 minutes.

So, here are three of them for you to check out, in all their lame glory. The songs are sort of hokey on purpose (can you tell by the titles?), and I'm not sure what I'll do for the final number yet--maybe a country piece. The following three are in the bluesy, heavy rock, and dance genres, respectively.

Baah-lad Sheep Love

Holy Hand Grenade (of Antioch)

I Can't Back That Up

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Logic Pro 9 Help deserves 'to be killed with fire' LOL!

Funny blog post. Already went nuts with this earlier here and here. Wish they would put it back in the Help Menu though...guess I'll make an Applescript that will do the same thing...just open the PDF with a click.

I don't mean to be rude or crass but apparently it's been long since Mac Help files SUCK BALLS... what are Mac Help files? they are some sickly wrong files (that deserve to be killed with fire)

[From Logic Studio Blog: Logic Pro 9 Help file Slow? Download PDF]

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Apple 'Never Intended' to Eliminate Logic PDF Manuals

The reason I don't believe this 'production delay' excuse is that, first, Apple had a documentation survey trying to "feel out" the user base to see if Apple could swing including only the Help Viewer documentation. Second, when has a major software company like Apple EVER released the software BEFORE releasing the documentation for the software (and what would be the point of doing that)? Third, the manual was already finished in the form of Help Viewer HTML files at release; users on the Apple Discussion forums produced their own Frankenstein PDF manual from those HTML files in less than a day, so I find it difficult to believe that there was any sort of delay at Apple producing the PDF of a manual that was already written in another form. Fourth, the PDF manuals were once linked directly from the Help menu in Logic and now that's not true--the links are gone and only that crappy Help Viewer stuff is there; I bet a future update will put the links to the PDF back in the Help menu!

My personal view is that someone at Apple rolled the dice, realized the mistake after the backlash, and now they're doing damage control.

Regardless, it's nice that they fixed their faux pas.

In other Logic news, those of you wondering what happened to the PDF manual for Logic Studio 9, it’s back! Apparently there was a production delay that held up its release; Apple says it was never their intention to eliminate the PDF version.

[From Create Digital Music » Logic Express Packs Most of Logic for Less; Apple Adds PDF Manual to Logic 9]

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Apple Releases PDF Manuals for Logic Pro 9

Yay! They came to their senses. Since I came into this issue midway (I was deployed to Iraq) and discovered Apple had produced a "documentation survey" for Logic (I guess Apple was trying to feel out its users to see if Apple COULD omit the PDF and hard copy manuals), I'm not sure if these manuals were in the works all along or not. Seems to me one would want to release manuals WITH the product right away to avoid any firestorms, but we are talking about Apple here; they're famous for their firestorms.

I think we can kiss the hard copy manuals goodbye, however.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone here that PDF versions of the Logic Studio (2009) Manuals are now available on

Select the product from the list and then click the "View as PDF" link available below each manual title to view the PDF manual.

[From Apple - Support - Discussions - Documentation rant (slightly) -- no ...]

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Online Haunts Updated

I have updated the web site, to include additions about the band project called MELTNOW. I hope you like it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pod Studio GX and Pod Farm Crackle-Echo (FIXED!)

This problem has apparently now been fixed by Line6 with the most recent updates (July 2009). Thanks Line6!!!

Logic Studio 9 - No PDF or Printed Manuals Included!!!

Okay, I'm a huge Apple fan, a former user of Logic 7, and now a user of Logic Studio 8. I want to get the Logic Studio 9 upgrade, but Apple has decided to do something I consider to be dumb in an extreme way. They took a basic feature--easily searchable (offline), bookmarkable PDF manuals for Logic Studio and put them all online in html format.

No longer can you rapidly search using Preview. No longer can one close the PDF manual and have it reopen where one left off. No longer can one quickly bookmark pages in Preview. No longer can one just take the printed manual to the park to read. No longer can one be in the middle of Iraq (like I was) and access the manual, because one doesn't have an Internet connection. Granted, Apple's not thinking about U.S. military musicians when it makes its business decisions, but damn it...this pisses me off!

This just falls into the 'if it's not broke don't fix it' paradigm and smacks of Microsoft's decision to change all the toolbars around in MS Office after PC users had spent years getting used to where everything was. Suddenly power users were reduced to nitwits. A really numbskull idea. Seems like Apple is following in those MS footsteps in some ways.

Apple, please--at least--bring back the PDF manual. I'll take the loss on the printed one, but I NEED the PDF!!!

Logic users, register your displeasure here:

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Jahloon writes about Area 51 Debris


Jahloon, fretless guitarist, GtrOblq denizen, and keeper of, has penned a nice article about how he acquired Area 51 Debris, a fretless instrument created by an accomplished GtrOblq luthier, and formerly owned by Infinite Ego; the instrument is also believed to have been used by Bofatron Sofasaurus on several recordings.

I had known about the instrument for some time, and like I mentioned, web-searches can turn up some intriguing stuff. My search found a picture of a guitar like nothing I had seen before, enigmatically named "Area 51 Debris".

At first I thought it had been made specially for Infinite Ego, a formidable instrumentalist.

He hosted an Internet site and forum, which went through several iterations, changing name, changing identity, but with a core of avant garde musicians varying from the obscure to the almost famous.

One day you could find them, join their conversation, and the next day they had jumped continent, to reinvent themselves on a new website. Some website names you might recognise; Kronosonic / Shred Like Hell / Cone of Silence / Negation Hoster and their latest incarnation

Additionally they were a very close knit crew, with limited membership, if you weren't a serious musician, or didn't turn up on a regular basis, you were history.

[From Area 51 Debris]