Monday, July 27, 2009

Logic Studio 9 - No PDF or Printed Manuals Included!!!

Okay, I'm a huge Apple fan, a former user of Logic 7, and now a user of Logic Studio 8. I want to get the Logic Studio 9 upgrade, but Apple has decided to do something I consider to be dumb in an extreme way. They took a basic feature--easily searchable (offline), bookmarkable PDF manuals for Logic Studio and put them all online in html format.

No longer can you rapidly search using Preview. No longer can one close the PDF manual and have it reopen where one left off. No longer can one quickly bookmark pages in Preview. No longer can one just take the printed manual to the park to read. No longer can one be in the middle of Iraq (like I was) and access the manual, because one doesn't have an Internet connection. Granted, Apple's not thinking about U.S. military musicians when it makes its business decisions, but damn it...this pisses me off!

This just falls into the 'if it's not broke don't fix it' paradigm and smacks of Microsoft's decision to change all the toolbars around in MS Office after PC users had spent years getting used to where everything was. Suddenly power users were reduced to nitwits. A really numbskull idea. Seems like Apple is following in those MS footsteps in some ways.

Apple, please--at least--bring back the PDF manual. I'll take the loss on the printed one, but I NEED the PDF!!!

Logic users, register your displeasure here:

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