Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Named to "Critically Overlooked" on iCompositions

jdwyer05's "Criminally Overlooked" Music Recommendations on iCompositions, featuring special guest contributor becwil, named Sonic Deviant to the list of "Critically Overlooked." This list was sent out via the iCompositions Newsletter dated February 3, 2007, and it appeared in the forums of the website. becwil begins by saying:

I love to listen to music. I love to share my enthusiasm with other people. So, when Julian approached me to write my take on The Criminally Overlooked, I immediately thought about the artists here whom I have found and love that perhaps are a bit under the radar. Because I especially like the more edgy side of musical exploration, I will, today, list some of those artists I personally keep my ears on. This is not an all inclusive list, for I want to keep this brief, nor is it in any order other than as I read down my iTunes iComp playlist. I leave it up to you as to how far you explore each of these artist's catalogs.
Later, he talks specifically about the music of Sonic Deviant:
There's some Zappa influence, admittedly so, and sonicdeviant plays to the beat of his own drummer, all puns intended. In-your-face. Crappy Products knocks your teeth out. While I Frade Errpains is a bit more friendly. A bit.
Thanks jdwyer05 and becwil for the mentions. If you visit my page there, you can browse my list of favorite artists on iCompositions. There are many talented folks over there!