Saturday, December 30, 2006

Recent podcast appearances

Some of the tunes have been featured on several podcasts over the last few months.

We weren't aware, but East Wind Blows West was featured on the BareFT podcast episode 58.

Our friend, Chef Mark Tafoya, has made great use of Coffee Bean on several of his podcasts. The tune appeared on two November episodes: 66 (The Wines of Rioja, Part 2) and 64 (Cranberry Time!) of the ReMARKable Palate podcast. Mark also featured the same tune back in October.

He also featured Coffee Bean on his personal blog, Remarkably Mark, in episode 33: Tapas Crawl in Spain of November 5, 2006. Thanks for all the support Mark!

Don't Want To Go appeared on Mad Money Machine's MMM-045: Should I Risk Exposure of October 31, 2006.

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