Wednesday, October 18, 2006

PSN listener comments on "Feline Demise"

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A few PSN listeners have emailed some really nice comments to Big Al Wagner and Mike Big Honey" Bolan over at Project Studio Network regarding their review of my tune, Feline Demise, in Show #39.

In Show #40 at 34:30, Dave Criddle from Home Recording Odyssey sent some nice comments and an appropriate criticism regarding the lack of a strong bass instrument in the tune:

"Hey, tell Shane Hendricks I really enjoyed his song. Like a strange siren, I kept being drawn to it. I actually rewound and listened to it three times."

In Show #41 at 39:24, Nick Dodson had some really nice comments too:

"Not only were there Zappa-esque allusions, but there's also references to Captain Beefheart."

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