Monday, March 05, 2007

Transduction Euphony RELEASED!

SD's new album,Transduction Euphony, is finally out after 4 years of toil and tribulation. You can get your copy on CD by visiting It will be available in the coming weeks on several online outlets for paid download, including iTunes.


Transduction Euphony is a record featuring 24 mostly instrumental tracks at a total run time of approximately 1 hour that will appeal to the rock, jazz, and avant-garde music enthusiast. If you enjoy guitar playing, music, and art from the likes of Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, John Scofield, BMR3000, Neil Haverstick, Dan Stearns, Marco Oppedisano, Ken Rubenstein, Infinite Ego, and other experimentally minded artists, you'll probably enjoy this record.
Featuring special guests artists DAVID SLACK (aka BMR3000 on bass) and SCOTT SIMMERMAN (on keys) on the jazz number, Glass Shard Teeth.

Additionally, the Sonic Deviant Official Web Site has been updated heavily. New scores have been added, as well as a new Press and Praise page, featuring encomia from many of Shane's influences.

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Russell Bolding said...

Got the CD, plan on using my Epson R260 to print the CD image onto the blank face of the disc and thn print out the inserts, etc. as well. Great job, Shane! As usual, you hit the nail on the head with your music.